Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jelly News v0.4.2 released! (Was named GReadNotifier)

"GReadNotifier" has been renamed to "Jelly News"!!! Now fully support Jelly Bean's Expandable Notification. (See the screenshots below!)

Jelly News links your Google Reader and show your favorite news in notification bar. Read your feed anytime even running other apps on top!

Before using the app:
1. You need a Google account
2. Subscript your favorite news channel in Google Reader

App Instructions:
1. Add your google account in preferences page
2. Press "On" to start the background service
3. Wait for the news update
4. Expend the notification to read the news if you are using Jelly Bean
5. Or click the notification to read the full article
6. Swipe the screen to turn to last or next news


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