Monday, January 31, 2011

Android App Multi Pics 0.4.0 Preview

簡單易用, 可拍 1-6 張, 拍到第幾張都好, 可以按 preview 轉到 preview mode, preview mode 可校 contrast, 光暗, 邊框闊度, 邊框顏色.....

遲下會加 7 同 8 張, 同埋保麗萊 mode, color tone.........

Friday, January 21, 2011

Camera 3D v1.4.1 updated

- Allow to take more than 5 images, limit is 99 but you have to try the maximum view images in your devices
- Export vibrating stereo to GIF:
  Gallery -> view Vibrating stereo image -> menu -> export
  or Gallery -> long click item -> export photo to gif
- Support flash torch mode
- Support app2sd
- Support camera hard key
- Support more devices
- Language: Português

- Flash light support
- Focus lock indicator added
- Support more devices

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Android App - Camera 3D released!

Make 3D images on your device!

Tips to take good 3D pictures:
- Always take from left to right.
- Don't move your device too far away from your last position.
- Try to match the object from the last picture's overlay.
- Slide the screen left or right to change last picture overlay's opacity.
- Try to put the object in the middle of the screen.

You can take 2 or 5 photos to make "3D" images:

Vibrating Stereo:
- Take 2 pictures, and click "Vibrating Stereo" to preview as vibrating stereo.
- Vibrate 2 images to produce 3D effect, you can slide the screen to change vibration speed.

5-face photo:
- Take 5 pictures and preview as 5-face 3D image
- Use accelerometer/slide to control the faces of the image

*You cannot share the "3D" images right now(they are not still pictures), but I am working on it.

- Grey screen and cannot save problem fixed
- support more devices