Friday, January 21, 2011

Camera 3D v1.4.1 updated

- Allow to take more than 5 images, limit is 99 but you have to try the maximum view images in your devices
- Export vibrating stereo to GIF:
  Gallery -> view Vibrating stereo image -> menu -> export
  or Gallery -> long click item -> export photo to gif
- Support flash torch mode
- Support app2sd
- Support camera hard key
- Support more devices
- Language: Português

- Flash light support
- Focus lock indicator added
- Support more devices


Anonymous said...

the code bar doesn't work.
i don't know how download it.

STG said...

The vibrating effect is pretty cool. I was wondering if it would be possible to assemble the pictures in a single picture, and use the side-by-side half frame mode on 3D TVs for real 3D effect?

walid said...

Sir, please fix This 3d Camera for s5570 Galaxy Mini.