Friday, March 4, 2011

Multi Pics v1.0.7 Released

With Multi Pics, you can take one or combine more photos to make new images with your creative. Multi Pics is a photo editing tool with lot of editing options. You can share photos or effects with friends.

Edit Option:
Add text, contrast, brightness, color translate, add noise, add vignette, special effect, border size, border color.....

If you found any problems on your device, please email me with your device model, version and problem detail to me, I will try to fix it asap.

*Motorola Cliq xt, Defy, Dell Steak, HTC Evo 4G may not support at this moment.

FAQ below:


Q: How many pictures I can take to make a single photo?
1 to 6

Q: I want to take three pictures only, how to process to Edit View?
Press "Preview" Button.

Q: What I can do in Edit View?
You can add different effect like color translate, contrast, vignette, change border width, add text.....

Q: In Edit View, what is "Effect" button use for? Nothing inside!
This is a set of User Effect, there have nothing until you save your effect inside.

Q: I use a lot of time to set my current effect, can I use it again? how can I save it?
Menu -> Save Effect -> give it a name and press OK.

Q: Can I share my effects to my friend?
After you save your effect in Edit View, Effect -> long click the effect you want to share -> export to xml -> copy to clipboard
Now you can paste the xml code, in email or forum to share you effect.

Q: How can I import effect from my friend?
Copy the xml in clipboard, in Edit View: Menu -> Import Effect -> paste the xml code and press OK.

Q: Can I edit my own effect?
You can apply and edit the effect, save to a new effect after that, you can choose to delete the old one or just leave it.

Q: Can I edit my own effects.... in Desktop?
You can get the XML in SDCARD/MultiPics/Special/user_effect.xml
The XML stored all your effects, you can edit, delete or add some effects from your friend. Only for user who know what is XML.

Q: What's the meaning of each tags?
name: Effect name

insideFrame: frame size in pixel, from 0 to 300
left, right, top, bottom: frame size in pixel, from 0 to 300
r,g,b: RGB value 0 to 255

noise: noise alpha value, from 0 to 60
noise_amount: noise amount, from 0 to 10
contrast: contrast level, from 0 to 180
brightness: from dark to bright, from 0 to 360, 180 = no effect
grayscale: value 1 = black and white only, rgb will ignore if value = 1
r,g,b: color translate, from 0 to 130

circle: circle vignette alpha value: from 0 to 255
crop: circle vignette crop ratio: from 0 to 100
square: square vignette alpha value: from 0 to 255

Q: What is "Special" button for?
It contains a set of Special effects, you can download more special effect on the net soon.

Q: What is Special Explorer?
An explorer to browse and download more effects and photo frames on the net, this function will be available soon.

Q: What is "Edit Last" button for?
You can re-edit the pictures again even you saved or cancelled from the last edit.


Issac said...

Q1 請問怎樣可以在內置的GALLEY 看到由MULTI PICS 影的相片?
Q3 可否由GALLERY 選取一張或多張相片作編輯用?

支持你的APPS & THANKS & 期待更新

小倫 Allen said...

Hi Issac,

Q1: 我的 n1 內置 gallery 可於 multipics folder 內看到, 但並非每部機都可以, 或者駛用其他 gallery 幫助.

Q2: 暫時未能提供這個功能, 但我會考慮可行性

Q3: 將會提供有這個功能, 請耐心等候

多謝支持! :)

Issac said...


小倫 Allen said...

quickpic 吧, 最緊要快!